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Thursday, 19 November 2015.

The wine industry in the Christian era was growing important, as competition for luxury and dynastic states. Earlier, the Europeans had grape plates to produce various questions of wine. With the help of a wine-handling firm in France, wine production has incremental significantly. because of the fable conditions in the country, France has become a major producer of wine all over the world. France has dominated the industry for centuries before other countries can compare its production capacity. In particular, the profession of the wine industry in France became the episenter of economic, social and political problems in the country. One of the main factors that led to successful wine production in France was the appropriate climate conditions and geographic location

Its excelent and promoting quality of winemaking is even greater for France to dominate the industry. He invested heaven in the production of high-quality wins compared to comprestors, which makes him an expert player in the market. Moreover, the payers of wine of wine production and promotion-promo-promotion-thus the industry not only contained dominance, but also global recognition. The introduction of technology into wine production first-distributed to France’s dominance in the industry. Durring this time, a new technology of mass production of botles, making of stone stops and age wine has been adopted at the station. With the help of new technology, it was possible to keep the processed wine for a long time and to satisis the demand for wine in different markets. France also supported wine to distant markets, creating a lucrative global market in which it was a major player. Due to invocations and appropagate technology, the wine has become stable as it can stay longer without problems (Bartlett, 2009, p. 82).

France was flooring in the production of wine because of the goodwill and support of the Government. The Government has formatted and implemented a policy that ensued a disciplinary and higher quality production process. The government completely run that it was easy to control the production of wine directly. Some of the measures implemented by the government were VDQS and AOS, which regulated the production of grape products with the help of grape grape production. With regard to handling of wine, France has become dominant in the market because it has more competitive adventantages than its members. Some of these benefits include government support, new production technology and related climate conditions. The wine in France has grown not only in Europe, but also in the world

It should be notified that France faces a number of threats, even though it has numerous competitive advantages in the market as it is exceeded to vulnerable conditions. For example, there is a dishonony between the wind-making and the production, which led to the collapse of the entire process. In adoption, unpreedented bad weather conditions, cases and high cost of grape sales and the French distribution system. High taxes and poor transport roads other fuelled the sector’s vulnerability. In this regard, logistics and operational problems in the manufacturing process begin in the French wine industry

Due to the aggravation of the problems, France and other traditional wine producers to lose their dominance

The most appropriate recommendation for the head of the French industry for the production of wine industries is the regulatory measures and policy maps in the area of processing and production. For example, the AOC regulations hms the industry by offering non-competitive options for the emerging of new countries in the world, even though they allow the production of better wine in the global market. Thus, the head of the French Wine Association should work to reduce the application of the AOC rules, together with the research and use of wine production technology. The head of the French association “Vina” must also renounce the full control of the government. Some government policies should be aborted, as they under the production of wine (Bartlett, 2009, p. 87).

In addition, the owner of the premium Bordeaux Vineyard, who is a wellknown product of premium and basic premium wines, must implement operational measures to take advantage of the situation. A good example is the development of manufacturing technology to allow new brands to retain customers. Bordey Vinide should apply the responsible attributes associated with the new technology and the production of new brands in practice. They, they must have a weight in profitable markets that have more options for better returns

In particular, the Australian wine industry has successful implementation measures. Thanks to its mission and vision, it was head of other competitors in the market. For example, it has a task that is to be global

On the other hand, the vineyards in Borossa should carry out intense studies on the production of high quality wine products at a lower price. They also consider other markets such as Asia and China, and do not only on American and British markets

For the American wine industry, the head of the company should convert on optimising the production costs by mechanization, as in the Australian wine-making. Moreover, the US should abandon the three-tier distribution system, as it points a threat to the export of products, and other players have the advantage in value. In the US, wine producers should also include the Middle segment throughout the production process. American wine agencies should develop brands and advertising strategies to achieve global markets

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